About Us

What We Give To You

Part of the pleasure of being a Brandeis National Committee (BNC) member is the pride of affiliation with Brandeis University, a center of academic excellence.

Our learning opportunities provide intellectual and social stimulation for our members through our carefully designed course work.

All of our events enable members to connect with like-minded people in the Tucson community.

Our on-line Book Depot and our annual Used Book Sale give members a chance to volunteer for a worthy cause.

Through our community service activities and programs, members have the opportunity to give back to the Tucson community.

On a personal level members gain satisfaction from the sharing of a common purpose to raise funds to help sustain the prestigious position of Brandeis University in the upper echelon of American higher education.

How We Do It

We fulfill our mission when you join the Tucson Chapter of the BNC.

The BNC plays a critical role in advancing the academic excellence of the University. Our donations enable the libraries to purchase and preserve their scholarly collections and journals and contribute to the cutting-edge library technology that attracts the finest students and faculty.

To attract students of promise and achievement who could not otherwise pursue their educational goals, the BNC allocates significant financial resources to establish general and named scholarships and fellowships.

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